Keep critters out of flowers, garden beds

May 17th 2022

Keep critters out of flowers, garden beds

If you've ever tried to plant a gorgeous group of geraniums, a stunning swath of snapdragons, a patch of peonies or whatever bodacious blooms and vital veggies that make your heart soar during the summer, no doubt you've had some uninvited guests to your garden. Yes, everyone whose thumb is any shade of green knows that pesky critters can be the biggest headache of the season (well, that and maybe weeding), that's where our line of sparkling, reflective Mylar products may just be the answer you've been looking for!

This humane way of deterring those determined deer, squirrels, gophers, birds, and other creatures who are looking forward to your free buffet of freesias utilizes both movement and the reflective properties of the Mylar material to scare off those furry and winged invaders while dazzling everyone else.

Kite Garden has many products made with this mesmerizing Mylar including hanging decor, flower spinners, and pinwheels to help your gardens stay critter-free this summer! 

You can read more about why we love Mylar here and you can check out all our selection of sparkling products here!

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