Why Mylar?



Mylar products create dazzling, sparkling displays of color and movement in a full spectrum of rainbow colors. The products at KiteGarden.com (formerly TheRainbowMakers.com) have a variety of uses from party and home decorations to resolving nuisance animal issues. We hope you find the products you need to fill your day with rainbow sparkles.



Use our sparkle products for party decorations, inside or out. Pairing light and movement with holographic Mylar gives you an array of colorful prism beams. It will transform your party into sparkly fun. Pinwheels, handheld wheels and flower spinners make great party favors.

Decorate for the holidays with color-themed Mylar products. Red, Silver and Blue Rainbow Windsocks and pinwheels are great for Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and of course, Election Day. Check our our 2-tone pinwheel selection for Halloween and Christmas as well.

Show your support for your favorite team by displaying your team colors using our colorful Spirit Pinwheels or mix and match colors of our popular Rainbow Windsocks.





The Rainbow Windsock is not only beautiful, but also functional! Lighter than down feathers, always in motion even in the slightest air current, our Rainbow Windsock glitters, flashes and sparkles prisms in every direction during the day and at night.  Any light source sets off the colors and the wind moves them in an unpredictable pattern. Each windsock comes with a snap swivel for easy hanging and free flowing movement. When it rains and the windsocks get wet, the strands will stick together, but when they dry, they will flutter free again. We also sell accessories like angled swivel-top poles, free standing swivel-top poles, deck brackets and extra swivels. This will help keep your new Hanging Sparkle decor away from any encumbrances.

From nuisance birds at marinas to house-destroying woodpeckers, The Rainbow Windsock should be your non-lethal bird scare solution.


You have a beautiful boat. The sky is blue and birds are soaring overhead. We all know what comes with soaring and nesting birds…a mess. Marinas across the US love them for keeping the swallows from nesting under the eaves in boat slips.  Boat owners love them for keeping birds off their boats and of course, everyone loves the beautiful rainbow colors.


Do you have a woodpecker determined to put holes in your siding? Instead of poison try a Rainbow Windsock and dazzle them instead. With so many things adding to bird deaths in the world, this is one way to deter woodpeckers without poison, while adding the beauty of The Rainbow Windsock to your home. Try hanging a windsock about 4 to 5 feet apart along any problem area. Rainbow Windsocks can also be used to help decrease window strikes by creating flashes of light that deter birds from the area.



Many people believe using holographic Mylar decor in the garden is a must. The light flashes that are created by the movement of holographic Mylar helps to deter inquisitive deer, hungry rabbits, scampering squirrels and pesky naughty birds. Sparkle pinwheels and windsocks work great for this type of application.



You will become mesmerized by our products when they are exposed to the sun and gentle breezes. The ever changing pattern of sparkles can have a meditative or relaxing effect for many people. Certain butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds are also attracted to shimmering light so adding reflective products to your garden can help attract these beautiful visitors.

The art of placing things just so in China is known as Feng Shui which allows subtle energy to flow and let your space breathe. Feng Shui masters look to see how to keep the energy flowing throughout your entire home or office. Stuck energy can keep your life from moving harmoniously. One great tip is to bring reflective light into dark corners of a room. This keeps the “chi” or energy from becoming stagnant. You can hang a mirror in a way that reflects light in that corner, or you can hang one of our reflective holographic Mylar products. They turn and move in the slightest air current.

Nursing homes often hang windsocks and spinners around common areas to give the residents something to focus on and to stimulate their minds. Babies and children are also mesmerized by the color and light show that our reflective product provide. No wind? No problem, battery operated motors are available to give your products movement inside.


Mylar is a polyester film that has a registered trademark and is owned by Dupont Tejjin Films. It was designed for a specific family of plastic sheet products made from the resin Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). The true generic term for this material is Polyester Film or Plastic Sheet.

Mylar comes in a range of different styles, finishes and thicknesses. Many of our products use a reflective holographic finish. Color is often added to the Mylar through a printing process. Most but not all applications for decor products have the thin Mylar film laminated to both sides of plastic for strength and pliable compositions.


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